I would like to give below my impressions about AMMA. I know to attempt to say anything about AMMA is to attempt the impossible. She speaks now and then that people who come to her try to measure her with their own yardsticks. AMMA is infinite and we are finite. We cannot fathom the depths of her greatness. We hear that God is love. What does that mean? It conveys no meaning. Sweetness has no meaning to the child till it tastes sugar. So also God’s love has no meaning until we taste it. To enable us to have a taste of it, it seems to me, God of infinite love has manifested in human limitations in the form of AMMA. The moment we come into contact with her we will be immersed in the ocean of love, and then we understand in a way what God's love is. The very first contact is enough She looks into the depths of our hearts and sees us through. She understands every bit of our nature and the level of our spiritual growth. She silently initiates us by her silent look and we are being lifted up each according to his or her capacity and as per the scheme of the cosmic evolution.


The first day I happened to see her on 14-10-1961 when casually she spoke to me about the things that were in my mind. - Zero level, self-surrender, divine grace, perfection. The aim of man is to become perfect and not to get perfection. The word perfect cannot be defined. During one of her talks with me she hinted that everyone is perfect, if he does not have effects. I am still unable to catch her meaning. Perhaps if one is devoid of ego, he will be perfect to do his duty without minding the results or effects untroubled with the consequences of the things he has to do in this life as per His design. To become perfect is to reach the stage like that of AMMA and then understand what is meant by perfection.


I have been practicing Raja yoga in my own way unguided-as the Master who is to guide me is not in the physical form. But I was having implicit faith and I was sure that Master will see that I get the right person at the right moment to guide me in my trials and tribulations. I now feel that the right moment came to me that day (14-10-1961) Saturday, Moola Nakshatra when I had the fortune of coming under the direct and silent touch of AMMA. I feel that I need not feel worried about anything in this life as I am under the ever watchful eye of “Mother”. She desires to call me Rajah. Her words, casual always, are words of authority. It is needless and not worthwhile to place on record the various ways how I have been looked after all these days since I came in contact with her. Difficulties or sickness pass away or a favorable issue comes about, often the very moment when a letter on the subject is delivered or a personal appeal is made. When this is not possible or admissible, a spirit of fortitude and submission fills the devotee and caries him through troubles that seem overwhelming.


Her silent guidance is continuous, strong and subtle. It may seem strange to the modern mind but she teaches in silence. This does not mean she is unwilling to explain when she is asked. She will answer sincere questions fully. The real thing is not explanations, but the silent influence, the alchemy works in the heart. Her spiritual knowledge is complete and constant. She speaks always with authority. She is always in Samadhi. She is always consciously Atma, the supreme, divine, undivided, imperishable self. Therefore, every utterance of her is a divine statement, every explanation is a scripture. In short, AMMA is God, wearing human body and submitting to human limitations.


MotherofAll Magazine - April 2011 Vol:3