Prosperity and penury are the two sides of the same coin, tells Amma. Poverty has an equally important role to play as prosperity.


Brother: Amma, which is better, to be rich or to be poor?

Amma: According to me both are divine.

Brother: which divinity do you prefer?

Amma: I prefer poverty. I invite hardships.  In lieu of them, I would like to spread  sun shine to one and all—the sunshine of happiness.

Brother: Do they have the same origin?

Amma: Every thing has the same origin. Every thing is divine. Just as fire scorches to purify, poverty makes you suffer to purify you. .

Brother: Fire is essential for our very existence. But why poverty? Why should it exist at all? Does it not belittle human dignity?

Amma: It has the same purpose as prosperity. Nature wills it to exist. If there is no poverty, how will you realise the value of prosperity?

Just as fire scorches to purify, poverty  makes you suffer to purify you


AMMA Tho Sambhashanalu